The Benefits of Using Custom Boxes

If you're sending a package or gift to a family member, friend, or an individual that simply purchased or requested an item, your standard stock box at the UPS or USPS store will work just fine.

However, if you're a business or online store doing business on eBay, Amazon, Overstock, or one of several such online portals, then you should certainly be using custom boxes to ship your products. Consider the following benefits as to reasons for using custom boxes over the standard manufacturer or stock box.


Arguably the most distinct advantage of using a custom box over a standard stock box is marketing and branding. The appearance of the box will be the first impression that customers have once received. Take advantage of this opportunity to further reinforce your brand, visibility, and potential for future business with the customer. Printed Shipping Box

Size and Customization

By using custom boxes, you ensure that the box is fit to order the size of the product, ensuring there is no wasted space. Furthermore, you'll also be certain that you're saving money by not spending on wasted materials or space for standard boxes. Custom Boxes Now provides an online configuration tool to help you get the exact box you need.

Durability and Protection

Custom corrugated boxes offer solid construction and durability, ensuring that your product reaches the customer safely. Be sure to do your research and find a box that suits your product and need. Custom Boxes Now provides a few box examples to help in your research.

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