Why Should You Use Die Cut Boxes as Your Packaging Solution?

Die cut boxes are preferred by many consumers as they are designed in a form that can fit your product perfectly. These are manufactured using a pre-built cutter, made exactly to your requirements. The process is very similar to how a cookie cutter works, it stamps your design on the sheet of a corrugated board. This makes each box completely different from the other. It is the flexibility in design that makes them fit around your product so accurately. The packaging designs for these boxes is only limited to the imagination of your designer.

Here are a few benefits of why you should use die cut boxes as your packaging solutions:

1. Delivery Costs are reduced

Custom die cut boxes are specially designed for your product therefore they require less packing material in case of delicate or fragile merchandise. It is because of these qualities of the material that the delivery costs for custom die cut boxes are significantly less than others.

2. Products Increased Prospects in the Consumer Marketplace

These boxes are imprinted with your company's logo and marketing slogans that highlights the prominence of your product through every step of the way. To add that extra buzz to your product's visibility without having to pay excessive amount of advertising bills, you can create a beautiful and memorable design for your product packaging box. For example, you would recognize imperial leather soap from its particular box style no matter where you are in the world.

3. Protection is added for Delicate Items

Custom boxes are designed to be included with added protection for your products. Here are reasons why you should incorporate added protection:

A main reason why you should use custom die cut boxes is to reduce the overhead costs and enhance your public image in the eyes of the consumer.

4. Environmental Friendly

It is recommended that you choose eco-friendly materials for your custom die cut boxes. This will allow your company to reduce its environmental impact. Choosing green materials for you packaging box will not only benefit the mother earth, but also will add plus stars to your company's reputation. You can enjoy the widest range of options when designing your custom boxes by choosing a good reputed professional box company. Custom die cut boxes are actually changing the world around us. More and more people are choosing to have their packaging boxes recyclable. Few decades' ago people use to throw away their packaging boxes. But now, people prefer to recycle their boxes at home rather than throwing them in the bin. Here are a few ideas in which you can reuse them for your home décor.

Re-use Custom Die Cut Boxes for Your Home Decorations

1. Bring Light to Your Home

If you are a candle company then we have an idea for you that would brighten up your packaging experience. Get a box that fits around the base of the candle. Print instructions on the side of the box so that the consumer can cut and fold the box into the shape of hanging lanterns. It is recommended that the instructions for “hanging lantern” should be printed inside the box or in a place which can be tucked in the cuts and folds of decoration. Putting in a little effort for the customer can gain appreciation.

2. The Perfect Fit

In case you are shipping shoes it is a high probability that you have already thought about how your shoebox should look like. If you create a “loop” hook in your shoebox for your customer. The consumer can hang these boxes on the wall and use it to store scarves and pocket squares or belts. This can become an incredibly useful tool for your consumers and on a positive note your customer will see your logo every day.

3. Die Cut Planters

Over the years people have become more environmentally aware, therefore more seeds and small plants are a becoming more popular shipping trend. Custom die cut boxes are perfect for such kind of shipments. The idea that makes these boxes popular is their sustainability, easy recyclability and the protection they provide for the plants. Die cut boxes are a common choice for plants as these boxes can be made well air regulated and therefore protect the plant from damage. On the inside of the box you can print a cardboard with plant's feeding instructions, information about sun exposure and how often should you water it. On top of the cardboard you can print your logo as a brand awareness to your customer. For the sake of fun you can make cut out that the consumer can use to surround the base of their flower pots.

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