7 Benefits of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging has taken the industrial packaging industry by storm, and more and more companies are turning to this innovative solution for their product packaging needs. There are many benefits that flexible packaging can bring to the table, which is why it continues to grow in the packaging industry.

Here are some of the major benefits we see for flexible packaging:

1. Production Benefits

The production process typically creates a lot of waste and uses a ton of energy, but with flexible packaging, these numbers are reduced to help create a more efficient system. Flexible packaging uses significantly less material than rigid containers, and they also require less energy to be formed into a packaging product. The manufacturing process for flexible packaging also produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions, making it a better solution for the environment.

2. Recycling Benefits

In addition to the production benefits mentioned above, flexible packaging also promotes recycling and helps keep used pouches or bags out of landfills. These materials are often made into packaging that's designed for reuse, thanks to zipper and seal top closures. This allows consumers to keep them in their homes and use them for multiple things before they're discarded. Flexible packaging is also fully recyclable in most circumstances, so they are put back into the system to be made into new materials rather than being sent to a landfill.

3. Packaging Design Benefits

Sometimes a design can't be brought to life with traditional packaging, but with flexible packaging, the odds are in your favour. The mouldable material of flexible packaging presents all types of design opportunities, whether you're making a plastic bag or a foil pouch. These design benefits make it easy for companies to differentiate their product on the shelf with unique, eye-catching packaging. This is especially important for companies that have tough competition, like food or beverage manufacturers. Flexible packaging can be game-changing for those whose success is determined by how many people can find their product.

4. Customization Benefits

Not only does flexible packaging provide packaging design benefits, but it also gives you many customization benefits as well. One of the biggest customization benefits of flexible packaging is the ability to be printed with high-quality colours and logos. You can add virtually anything to your flexible packaging with modern printing techniques that create crisp, clear imagery. This presents a huge branding opportunity for those looking to create awareness of their products or services.

5. Product Preservation Benefits

Most flexible packaging products are equipped with some type of barrier protection, whether through their own material design or the addition of a thin layer of protection on the inside. This barrier provides resistance to moisture, vapours, dust, and even UV light. This quality of flexible packaging allows it to keep your products fresher, which helps customers enjoy them for longer.

6. Consumer Convenience Benefits

Not only is flexible packaging convenient for you and your business, but it's also going to be more convenient for your consumers. Flexible packaging is easy to handle when shopping at the store, and it takes up less room in the pantry. The lightweight nature of flexible packaging also helps consumers carry more with less effort, making them more inclined to stock up on their favourite items. Customers simply appreciate the way flexible packaging improves their shopping experience, so companies who capitalize on convenience can get ahead of the competition by choosing to use flexible packaging.

7. Shipping and Handling Benefits

The cost of shipping is something businesses are always trying to reduce. Flexible packaging offers more lightweight storage and shipping, which allows you to cut back on your distribution spending. According to Packaging Digest, flexible packaging options can weight up to 70 percent light than their rigid counterparts. That's a big difference when it comes to paying freight and shipping charges for your products. This allows you to ship more with higher profit margins, which increases your bottom line at the end of the quarter.

We hope you've learned a thing or two about the benefits of using flexible packaging. This innovative packaging solution offers convenience, cost reductions, and clever branding opportunities. It's a great option for businesses looking to revamp their packaging designs and find creative ways to reduce overall operating costs.

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