What are the benefits of laser cutting?

Digital manufacturing is the future, but do you know why you should now start to make the most of laser cutting? Let's discover the benefits of laser cutting right now.

What is laser cutting and how does it work?

Laser cutting is a digital manufacturing technology working on 2D vector files. The laser cutter is built of a laser resonator which, depending on the cutting method, contains either a gas mixture of a crystal body or glass fibres. The cutting process starts when energy is applied to the mixture, which is then sent through different mirror lenses focusing the laser.

What about laser engraving?

The Laser Engraving is a subtractive fabrication method for altering the surface of an object in order to obtain the desired design, and it can be done on many different types of materials. There are two possible types of engraving, etching the surface and line engraving.

Why you should use laser cutting?

Laser cutting is particularly effective when it comes to rapid production. Laser cutting is an amazing manufacturing technique. Here are all its advantages:

Laser cutting material choice

By using a laser cutting service such as DD Group you can access a great catalogue of laser cutting materials. From plywood to acrylic, make the best choice to give life to your projects.

While choosing acrylic, for example, you will have a choice between 17 colours in different thicknesses!


Here is the main benefit of this manufacturing technique: it's precision. Laser cutting offers accurate and complex but clean cuts, even for small details. Don't forget to check the design guidelines of the material you chose before ordering your laser cut. Indeed, to make the most of this technology, you will have to respect these design guidelines to create the best product possible!

You can add details

While creating your project with laser cutting, you can also add laser engraving! Using these two techniques will be perfect to create products with a great finish and really good quality! For production, it can be a great advantage for you. With laser engraving, you can bring different depths and dimensions to your projects.


Laser cutting offers freedom for the design and the quantities of product. Indeed, you can choose anything! For the design, once you have your software and respect the material design guidelines, you can do anything. There is almost no constraint while using this manufacturing technique.

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