Packaging Design

Determining the Basics of Your Package Design

Before you can select the best packaging for your product, you need to make some decisions up front. Start with these questions to help narrow down your options and clarify what direction you should go in:

1. What material do you want to use?

Your choice of material is one of the most important parts of your packaging design. Whether you go the paper or plastic route depends on your brand's style and the product itself, though keep in mind that, overwhelmingly, consumers prefer paper packaging. 68% of consumers say they're more likely to choose a product in a paper or cardboard package versus a plastic package, and 63% say paper packaging makes a product seem more high-quality.

2. How will your product be transported?

Durability is tantamount to successful packaging, and function and ease of transport should be considered when coming up with your package design. You don't want to design original and eye-popping packaging only to have it lose its shape before it gets to its end location.

3. What is your budget?

As with most marketing strategies, budget is going to have a big impact on what you can and cannot do. When coming up with your spending limit, make sure to budget not just for the packaging itself but also for the creative work that goes into designing it.

4. What will appeal to your desired customers?

This is one of the biggest areas you need to define when coming up with your packaging plan. From the materials to the colours, each aspect of your packaging needs to be optimized to appeal to its intended audience. Spend time researching what will make the biggest impact with your key demographics and incorporate your findings into your final design.

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